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Sultry Summer Book 3

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Incong says all his characters are 18+ even if theyre drawn different

1. It's still a matter of appearance. People calling these characters hot is still like saying you think underage looking characters look hot, ya fucking nasties.

2. It doesn't matter what anyone except Warner Brothers says because they own the legal rights to Ben 10. So unless they come here and tell us otherwise, the versions of Ben and Gwen depicted here are 10.

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You sound like the type of person who would complain there being one less gram of sugar in a desert than the menu says it has and that the reason why you did not pay the tab
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well!  if it isn't the twist that we all saw coming a year ago!
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Just chilling while there's a war in the comment section
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That happens surprisingly often on this site.

When you spend a little bit of time on this site it becomes normal

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It do be like that here, Incog has nice art styles.

Unpopular Opinion: This series is ridiculously overrated!

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fuck you whore

I agree. The art style is rather bland to me, and I don't understand why people like Gwen and Ben together.

Not to mention, it's underaged and incest. People are quick to give this a pass for whatever reason, but it's not worth the it at all.

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If you don't like it then don't fucking read it, it's that easy lmao

Indeed. They dislike other underaged comics but are fine with this? Very strange. 

Ha yokes on yousa Mesa liken all underage comics

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Stale plot? It's a porno not a fucking comic - the plot is as good as it needs to be, and works pretty well within the canon, maintaining the characters' personalities to a good degree without getting too plot involved. More than good enough for any that ship Ben and Gwen, and aren't whiny enough to complain about underaged cartoon characters, and drawn incest. And it's drawn pretty damn well, better than at least 60% of the shit on here - Incog's style is clean af and if you deny that you're just blind. I get it's not to your liking but I'm surprised you don't at least understand the appeal.

It literally goes like this: Gwen and Ben start getting down and dirty secretly, Future Gwen time travels to get down and dirty with Present Gwen and Ben, Gwen and Ben get caught by a weird purple alien girl and she joins in, Charmcaster switches bodies with Gwen and proceeds to get fucked by Ben 

Since this is a shitty hentai, Charmcaster obviously enjoys this and can't get enough, Charmcaster and Gwen switch bodies back, Charmcaster takes Ben to her hideout and fucks him, Gwen almost gets raped by Charmcaster's sexual assault security shits aaand here we are!

TL;DR: Two incestuous, exhibitionist, xenosexual preteen cousins go on wacky sex adventures

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you're right! i SHOULD read this again from the beginning!
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in my opinion you should touch grass

Sorry, did I hurt your little dick feelings because my opinion contradicts yours? I didn't know a minor disagreement caused such feelings.

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stop being such a toxic bitch like this
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idk if u know but this is rage bait
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Unpopular opinion, Gwen charmcaster and the alien  girl are faking orgasms to keep Ben satisfied so he doesn't go x-elarate and ...

You know what Snoop D-O-Double G? I think you might be right.


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