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Somethin' Screwy


Remember the "You are an Pirate" Song that was so Loved by Childrens and got Demonitized? 

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Whats the you are an pirate song?

You haven't heard of it?

Look it up on youtube

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This is a good comic.There's so many references to the humor in the original film and the speech is so like the caharcters that I was so impressed I didnt bust a nut.Great work!
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I Hope My Liittle Pony is next,God I would sure love that

You need a Kanye West Sunday Service

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I pray to god that he doesn't.
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I know what will come next and I don't want that

Im seeing a possible Betty Boop sequel of this, and Im not sure if Im ready for it.

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WOOOOOOU, got 'da beef 'n beef 'n beef 'n broccol-ae, ae, yeaahh!~ Brother, look at the tongue, ooooh, mah Gawd, lookade tou-ou-ou-ouuuh! Oh brother, nah, na-na-nah

Cartoon Nostalgia = 10/10

Stealing my Childhood Crush = 0/100,000,000,00 

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If you think about it, it's lore accurate 
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At least this is lore accurate. 

How is she not dead?

Not even hentai physics should be able to save you from that.

Spy Head, should I kill Pavel? He is a communist but also a good soldier. He is a traitor, but I am not sure that killing him is the right thing. I'm asking you since you're a wise head.

That depends, are you trying to get the good ending? Showing mercy and forgiveness will go a long way towards impressing the little Dark One.

Well im just trying to do the right thing. Anyway how the hell do you know the Little one?

Oh, uh, don't mind the minute details. Just follow your, uh, heart.

What makes him a traitor? The fact that he's a communist, or is it something else?

And have you been ordered to kill him, or is it because of personal reasons?

He's a liar,he took me in,treated me well, then drugged me and got me tortured by the Reds for some informations. He had orders to capture me. I saw him like a brother, we were a great team, saved each other 
a few times and at the end he betrayed me in cold blood. I still see him like a brother but, at the same time he did a lot of war crimes, the worst that i know is at the Oktaybraskaya station killing men women and children ,young and old, with a deadly virus. I don't think that he must be killed but at the same time I can't let him go like nothing happened.

He just sounds like a straight up manipulative asshole.

Id say cap his ass.

If it weren't for the hentai physics and the old cartoony physics Jessica would've been impaled on that dick. Holy shit.

Probably because this is a mix of hentai and 1940's cartoon physics

Damn, I forgot about old timey cartoon physics.

The one thing that can stand up to hentai physics.

And this is indeed a mix of both. She might as well be a god.


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