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The references lol
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I saw this and got excited for some possible sabu level art but now I'm just disappointed

Demon fun fact: Beelzebub is a living pile of shit with flys covering it and moving it

Is this shit an scp? 


Because this crap needs to be contained

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Worser and worser
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Wha' a great day 'tis today
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it's actually quite good for me yeah it's not like god level smut comic but it's good. The artworks clean and the story is interesting if you ask me it's better than those lolis and furry comic

Your name reminds me of the nameless king bossfight from dark souls

I'm having a crisis. I just saw Anons that had names but you couldn't click on their profile. The only profiles I believe you cannot click on are Anonymous. Can Anons have names? 

Its a feature this website has.

Its enabled on some comics but disabled on most.


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how long does it take for a profile to get verified?

You should receive an email that contains a link to set your password after 2-3 days

If you're waiting for it to get verified just try logging into it now!

Ok so, what you're telling me is that... It's a feature that's pretty much completely pointless because most comics don't support it... 

No every comic on the site supports it, the Admins just dont turn it on most of the time.

Oh I see, thank you! Also, Admins? There's more then one? 

It's actually several small admins that together make up one big admin.

Really?! Uhhhh, this is getting too complicated for me!

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Not a fan of this comic, but what bothers me the most is that's not how ghost traps work
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memories broken, the truth goes unspoken.
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I've even forgotten my name


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