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This story is not even close to being as complex as to boldly flee by doug walker

this e-weeb comic is too overwhelmed I just don't get why the bear

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I don't think I understand the objective of this comic.
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Jesus, come get a look at this! This person committed to 111 pages. Isn't that nuts?! I've never seen something all at once before! Jesus: Aaron... just put down the phone, stop wasting your energy for lust, and do something Big! You have the capability Aaron! Your our father's son! You're gifted from God and so you should use your life and take advantage of it each day! Father would be proud of you! Come on! You got this!!!

Pretty sure there's a comic with 300 pages somewhere, so this isn't anything new. 

It's not 300, it's 270 and it's "The Monster under the bed". So almost 300.

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YOOOOO i LOVE that comic, real good story
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Largest comic I've encountered was SEXpedition by Elbluberry at 570 pages
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Yo, that shits fire

The Sultry Summer series probably has around 400-500 pages total

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Sexpedition wins hands down, I think, and only real OGs remember when sultry summer was one big thing, but was split to cut load times.

yeah I remember before the split when it had close to I think 400 pages.

I was also gonna say Sexpidition but that was already mentioned

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got the acid too

Who wants to commit war crimes with me.

I have several tonnes of alcohol and enough cocaine to kill god

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I'm bringing gasoline, a LOT of gasoline...

well i've got pretty much any gun you could want so count me in

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We also need someone who cooks meth for us
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I'm your guy for the job. I will accept payment in war time uniform pieces.
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I have friends in high places
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Friends in HIGH places
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ive got the white phosphorus and napalm,and those jumbo bags of flaming hot cheetos

My Comrade in Drip I shall bring the Tanks and Vodka

For the glory for all racoons in poland i will kill all

At your service

You shall be given the Highest quality Trash in All of Korea for your services

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Glory to the polish raccoons!


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