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Rock and a Soft Place


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Update this or I'll break your kneecaps. I'm serious mate this is so hot
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Had there been more chapters,this would've been even better

Nonsense i don't see any rocks or an Soft Place anywhere here???

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The soft place is her tits, mate.
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What's the rock then huh?! Thought so, mister smart guy.
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It's the dick you dumb fuck
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Not only you don't understand the joke, rock is the old name of Mega Man, meaning your WRONG!!!

So According to lore

Buhhda And God (yahweh) 

Are of course Friends 

And Because Buddhism Is Not a religion Its not Necessarily Hersey 

This is both Offensive to both religions ngl

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I say n word now

No anon, you aren't allowed to say the N-word.

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Aw shit here we go again
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I saw that in a other comic so i hope this is a continuation.

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Is this a continuation 

I can allow you to watch, but his murder will be by my own hands.

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What hands? last time I checked you were trapped in medics fridge.

May I suggest torturing him before his entertaining death? There's a torture room in my- I mean- A place that you can get access to.

Thank you for the offer, I will gladly torture him. So where do I find this place?

Where can I find your basement,

and is it wheelchair accessible?


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