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Resident Evil Insemination


I will never look at my lady the same way ever again...

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I won't ethier
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How's Chica?

Chica is adorable and playful as always!

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Wait does that mean the childs are all of different father ? Can we say they are triplet then ??


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3 dudes fucking the same hole is kinda sus

bruh arent u the one creation of god and both of u creat new things every time? like how then babies come from?

You have to answer that, I'm not religious, but I think he is a cool old man

Uh what have I just read?

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I'm really sick of this bitch being all over the internet. It's like the Minions all over again.

Cars have dicks and pussies?

They have brains and a skeletal structure 

I know that, but I still wanna know how car sex works! 

Also mister Warden, where can I find the nearest hot furry comic?

You saw the convo I had with spy didn't you?

And I don't know enough, but how much do I want to know?

It's perfectly clear, I'm where I should be, yeah

Off the wall and back to reality, dare I say


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