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Outlaws Five


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damn first comic ive downloaded this was a high quality comic

Cramorant rates this a solid 7.8/10. It's a little more story focused than other porn comics which I enjoy. The story itself is ok. I like the ship it's my favourite character I assume the blue text with no bubble is the ship. There isn't really anything wrong it's just average for the most part. All in all solid comic. I like it but it's not one of my favourites.

My opinion of Xenos remain the same.

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I am Alpharius, and this is a lie.
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Yeah, I hate this
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I am confused

A xenos criminal was shot down and she chose to rape an innocent member of mankind for sustenance. 

the other overseers  of the onanagon cult will make note of this, I don't know why, but they will

Exterminautus on her planet?

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Cells at work is nothing like osmosis Jones, no where near as entertaining 
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This kinda remanded me of a game I used to play, Trials in Taintes Space 

This is cool and all, but have you seen Osmosis Jones. Now that's a cool movie.

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Did you know there's an anime that's basically just osmosis Jones except anime its called cells at work you should check it out it's pretty good
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Hell yeah, that movie was great!
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Okay I just have to ask, wtf is with all the updates and all the new stuff tonight? Im not complaining, its just, there's so much of it.

For you I assume it would be Monday Madness. I got the Tuesday Tornado!

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I got the Wednesday Wanks!
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I dunno but I'm horny so I won't question it  
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Yeah, I'd like to know what planet she comes from.

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Nose not included
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HAHAH eyo facts tho...

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