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Orna & Lazgar Futafication!


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i thought this was straight there all lezbian
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By the god's what is this

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What a Chad
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You are a mere monkey. You should be satisfied with the fact that you are allowed to live a relatively peaceful life and haven't starve.

You dont have a clue what my situation is like, but pretty good guess


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Anons are free. Anons tell truth to role players.

Nowadays, every slave believes that he is free.

Welcome to the next level, kiddo.

it's been 2 weeks, and still no one show's themselves!

So Ms Vexx asked me to give ya a message.


In her words, she said that if you don't leave and never return, she'll turn your ass to grass buster! 

then tell her to stop disgracing the gods, and accept her holy punishment, other wise when I do find her, she will be nothing but a fine sand for the wind to blow away, along with her blood smeared across the concrete

(you said you had to go somewhere, so I didn't count it as cannon)

You trying to pull sneaky crap invalidates this because I was going to not do that but your bitch ass had to try to kill me even after I told you I was going afk 

the way you worded half your comments it made it sound like you were using google translate, I couldn't understand what you were saying if I had a dictionary

You lose because you tryed to kill an afk player meaning me killing you is the canon ending of your life and any alternative end is alternative universe

your saying that as if you have the magic authority to create rules that don't exist

cool, now are you done, cause there's something I actually wanna do than argue about the rules of rp, on a pornsite

Jesus are you stupid

There are no rules we can do anything! 


You just allowed me to kill you 

And now you can go fight vexx in a climatic battle in a alt reality while you died in a kinda anitclimatic way in the true one.

Because you are nothing more then a grunt

ironic coming from you, since there are like 40 other different knights on this site

But non exist for the sole perpuse of dying to make someone else look good be that me or vexx 

You and your army stand no chance you are fighting a battle you have no chance of winning  


Please still fight vexx so she can use her power boost to kick your ass 

You are out leveled by her

yea sure, warden whatever you wanna say


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