Oops! All Naked!

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this comic is just comedy gold

it's good but THERES LIKE NO SEX

this gave me gonorrhea

This is why you don't go messing with people's clothes!!

rip eggboy for not getting to see the nudes

Pizza tower reference

It's downright criminal how good moms are at getting their own children extremely embarrased in front of their friends

who the actual fuck is the puppet and why sneak around with the window frame lol

party's over or is vanilla getting in on this?

pizza tower

the best thing big has done recently is crash their party and no one can get angry at the sped except cream, ironically

Women ☕

It's eh Not masturbation worthy




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Glave moar is known as the best boomerang monkey tier 5.

Especially when you are doing a regrow farm.

He can solo round 79

But don't forget to get a 5-2-0 monkey village to gets a really good range buff


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Moar glaives is a tier four you sound as stupid as someone who uses the popcorn setting on a microwave


This is the sort of thing I come here for. Just good illusrated fanfic.

This needs 6 seasons and a movie because GOD DAMN THIS STUPID FUNNY