More Than a Potion

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3.5 (407 votes)
idk if its mediocre or a lil bit bad
part 2  
I got a petition here to fill out why don't you add your name
It's needs to continue more
We must make sure you do not apear here again. BALLIFF! WHACK HIS PEEPEE! (WHACK) AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
make a another one
Lincoln before losing control warns Stella about the potion that she should run far away from him as possible    

This was a food comic up until the niece part now its just disturbing.

bro cant spell 💀
release new chapters please
The flying sexy fuck?!  

I always love this comic I think it's a good comic I wonder how it head besides the fucking and the porn of cause. Oh shit he's having kids oh shit nevermind this comic is doomed for the rest of it's life.

Pookie give me more please  
You gotta make Lincoln tell Stella about Rusty's virginity taking dare. Make sure Stella understands and give Rusty a lesson as well.  
Bro the mom at the end lmao
Do the same thing but with stella and Lincoln loud having sex as well