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Mom Alone


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And there's people in italy called Christmas (Natale in italian)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator got announced for the nintendo switch today

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wooooooooooo yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa dat is wat were waiting for

Oh, really? that's pog

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Nobody cares. Just here to jack off
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Nobody cares. Just here to jack off

Ok so... My entire conversation with Sem just disappeared because the picture the comments were under got deleted.

Apparently admins don't like pictures that much

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Jesus fuckıng christ. This is a porn website. Nobody comes here to have meaningful conversations (if these have any meaning at all). We just come here to jack off. Are you weirdos too much of a pussy to talk to each other personally?

Are you this salty about us having more fun talking than jacking off to porn?

Your sure it's them? Could just be a problem with the website.

I mean it is a problem with the website because the admins let pictures get deleted after they posted so as soon as the system even recognizes that these are in fact png files they delete them.

I don't know why its always taking so long but probably because of a approval from the staff that it should be deleted.

Nutjob? No, no it's "Hime"... Wait a second...

i don't know I searched her name up when she messaged me like 5 times trying to grab my attention

I wanted to learn more about you. After all the best way to get to know someone is to ask questions. 


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