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May Pinups Kim Pine


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Why's this one got the loli tag? they both in their 20s
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Almost all of TheOtherHalf's stuff gets tagged even though it really shouldn't. It might be some sort of auto-tag system or maybe someone manually tags stuff and has it out for the guy.
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Tear my life into pieces. This is ny last resort

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Suffocation No breathing Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm, bleeding
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This is my last resort
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do you even care, if i die bleeding?
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Gjira go back to japan
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Why are people questioning the nymph tag? It has nothing to do with the character's age, it just means the female is the one initiating sex. It's a woman with a high sex drive.
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only true losers remember loli tag B)

It seems we have found a failed nest

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no (yo, yo, yo)

Oh no you didn't, Sucka tried to play me, but you never paid me neva.

Oh no you didn't, paybacks is a' coming, you will be running foreva.

Oh no you didn't, Until I get my vengeance I will never end this mayhem. 

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Now sure why this is labeled "nymph". TheOtherSide always ages up characters to 18.

I always like a nice Scott Pilgrim comic. It boosts my happiness 

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This ain't a nymph
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What IS a nymph?
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I think it's -18 porn Don't know, not my native language
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Americans repel me

after spending many days searching, I still have failed to find my target, so I will ask again, WHERE ARE THEY!?

I am the sand knight, angel of the deserts, and part of the execution militia, I am looking for the angel leader, crusade leader, frost knight, and most importantly vexx, the fallen angel

And what God do you serve? And why are you searching for them, especially Zadkiel and Valiance? 

we serve them all, by unanimous vote of the gods, we are tasked with eliminating all traitorous fallen angels, who dared to run from their full punishment, and any who pose an issue to our gods, your friends helped the fallen angel escaped, and killed a high ranking individual of the force, as such they have been branded as traitors, and are to be terminated

So you're a heretic, who uses those false gods to justify the "punishment" of others? Valiance was taken from us, she did not choose to fall. I cannot allow you to kill Valiance until I hear her decision. 

do not stand in my way, step aside NOW or become nothing but the sand under my boots

I shall retreat for now, but mark my words, I shall return and we will not fail. 

neither shall I, soul knight was strong, but he is nothing compared to me, I will finish this mission, and I will come out in victory, wether you resist it or not


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