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Madame Mighty




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This is amazing I love it 

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I never really understood why people enjoy cbt 

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Well this took an unexpected turn ._.

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Men with femdom fetishes have low testosterone and are typically weak little pussies.

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I am also scared of women, shame other people's fetishes, and have a micropenis.  We have so much in common!!

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Like you?

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Fantastic. A new fav!

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Loved it want more

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Great comic love the story one of my new favs I'll be sure to check for new comics / sequel's pls add more without fifty shades of grey lol BTW the name fifty shades of madam mighty would be a nice sequal header

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hopefully this gets turned into a real story

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Very good story, well thought out, and plenty of the porn we all come here to see. A definite 10/10

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What does BDSM mean? Big Dick Small Woman?

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Bdsm stands for bondage, domination,sadism,masochism it's a deep sexual fetish and quite popular. But it is a very kinky and rough form of sex not good for people who are just learning.

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Ok thank you

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Normaly i dont like that BDSM stuff, but picture is nice and story is very tuching

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