Lovin' Sis (Season Four)

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Would be really adorable if it wasn't a porn cartoon.    -random person 2023
Mom's scaring me
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'I'm going to fuck you now" Probably the best thing ever said on the internet.
So are the two recent characters John and Molly that were mentioned in season 3? cause if so, then I theorize that they are planning a surprise event for Susan that could lead to a big fuck party and some personal time with Susan, Chloe and Lucy. Probably be a little epic for some people 
who the hell got rid of the gay page? bring it back. if you dont like it so much just fucking skip it
Love how Lucy has the "cat that ate the canary" grin on her. Girl has no chill when it comes to this type of thing.
Lucy is about to have some fun with mike 👉👌👅😳

Why was the ending kinda both what I wanted for, but also leaves me wanting more from the slightly older cast?

Wasn't sure how they would end this, but I'd say they did it perfectly.

Xierra099 best author of the platform!

You could easily make comics for living! even sfw stuff, 'cose you're fukking good at it!

Looking forward for the next pages 

muito bom adorei isso kkkkk

lucy being the goat again

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I know this is a trick, but I feel Tempted to clicked this. I’ll get nothing out of this is just humor
The Fact that Tom is Blushing when Lucy gives him a smile shows how hood those two are for each other. Would be really adorable if it wasn't a porn cartoon.
This is trash