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Life's A Beach


You know who else enjoys the minimalist style and mellow yet warm color pallet of this comic?

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Your mum

If someone is gonna take a picture of any sort of sexual activity with me, there's only 2 rules... 1. Don't show my face, and B. Send me that shit

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thank you joe biden very cool
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Where the fuck is the mom one
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Hey, guys look it's pathfinder.
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where is the best of momma knows best????
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Life's a beach. And I'm drowning in the dunes.
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Live's a beach and im eating the fucking sand
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Live's a beach and a fucking crab pinched of my cock

Something is very wrong here.

Its a Sonic comic, and we havent stepped into "what in gods name am I reading" territory by page 3.

It must be that its yet to come because a "normal" comic doesnt exist in the Sonic franchise.

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Slow but interesting comic 

I fucking love Honey the cat, she's my favorite Sonic character, it's sad that she only apears on that 3d Sonic fighting game and in some comics, but the how she cane to be is interesting

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My man

Well get the fuck outta here then. I don't think any of the furries ever asked for your opinion.

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Where's that beer you owe me barney

(I don't remember needing somebody to ask for my opinion before I say something.)

Alright alright already dammit! You looking like a fucking Ultimate Alliance 1 character over here!

While the comic is obviously amazing I'd like the author to finish his "Mother knows best" project, plot is oddly wholesome. 

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This comic is wrong. Life isn't a beach. Life is a highway


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