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I am not here to masterbate like the rest of you simpletons

IM here to kill your boner 

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I do not like how her "glasses" come back on even tho she took them off   
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0 stars. Just terrible
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Thank you for saying that.
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holy shit some one make this a movie
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I love being a spectator

your army is gathered at a magically reinforced temple, everyone eager for the fight, suddenly a magic rune appeared, it's the size of a school, it's quickly identified as a teleportation rune, do you take it?

every one steps into the rune, after everyone has stepped in, the runes lines start to glow, everyone's shadows seem to grow darker, until it's pitch black, and no one can see a thing, and then suddenly your in an empty dessert, and floating there in the air, is him, with an army large enough to match all of your armies combined, what do you do?

well can you tell me wtf that is, cause you never really told anyone what your trump card is

Some promises are meant to be broken, are they not?

I figured you a man of honor, now it's clear that I should have made A CONTRACT WITH YOUR SOUL INSTEAD

I don't make deals with devils. Now, are we doing this the easy way, or the hard way?

your only truly formidable power is your immortality, and I have plenty of ways to get past that, prepare to face consequences ţ̷̛͇̭̟̬̦̞̎́̓̑̿̌́̈͊͗͜ŗ̴̖͔̼̮̥̬̀̏̿ą̶͎̓̇͜i̴̡̢͓͖̳̘̮̯͍͓̲̍͗̓̔͋ț̷̨̛̳͕͍͇̇̾̽̐͝ͅơ̸̡̭͖͈̼̐́̑̊̓r̴̜̬̫̃̏̇́͗͗͆̈̃̈͘͜͠

Have you forgotten I can master spells after seeing them only once? My abilities to create portals to the abyss and the Void? My intelligence and straight up fighting skill? You truly underestimate someone capable of pulling God out of people's minds.

you underestimate me as well, for I have acquired a power strong enough to defeat immortals like you as well, " he retreats to the back of his army, looks like you'll have to defeat the rest of his army before you can face the leader, (to keep things interesting, im just gonna make zasalamel, really tanky instead, with 10 health points instead of making him outright invincible)

This will be fun, for no one is as strong as I.

"the first enemy approaches you in this war, I seems to be a man made almost entirely out of cloth, vexx with the highest speed rating, goes first, what do you do?

he barely evades, making your hellfire miss completely, however you do singe him "guardian angel's turn"


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