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Kick Buttowski Knows Babes


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What the fuck has happened to site owner? Why is the so porn?
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Fr, like it used to be so good, now its kinda mid.
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Yes this man is a legend in the Spanish community

Wow, I mean this is a great way for me to remember this show exists though


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bro goofy ahh father figure
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Wtf does that even mean
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mans lookin like mr. bean lmao
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you tell kick when hes already 18 and cant grow taller anymore

Im fairly certain Ukraine is a little too busy with other things to host Eurovision next year

I forgot this show existed. Wouldn't say it's one of my favorites shows but it was far from the worst

Gastn zin altn lik, wittje wuk da der ne goe idee zoe zin, wieder ga ne liedje zing'n vo da shtoem festival, en tan zing'n ze valser of e katte, terwijl da ze met under muhhenhegeuhn eiglik geen inkel idee en oeda zieder muziek moetn maken

Man I still can read atleast a quarter of that but this is just german for people who forgot how to speak german.

This is my best effort at writing my own dialect.

If I wrote it the "proper" and "phonetically correct" way, even I can barely read it.

Ah ok I thought this would be a even worse version of switzerdütsch or a similar dialect of German but ok then.

Dutch is already a dialect in my eyes so I see no difference.

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Isn't it crazy how many people from all parts of the globe are on this singular website, united by nothing more than porn and funny comment sections
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this is great

Man, its been a couple of days since I last played Yakuza 5 but im still asking myself why the fuck did Kiryu leave Morning glory for making money? He could've just asked Akiyama for a fucking loan.

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This is such an obscure series. I shouldn't be surprised that this comic exists, but I still am.
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I slammed my peneath in the car door.

“I wish my horse had the speed of your tongue.” hits really different in this site

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Honestly thank you - this is such a cool show and I barley get to see it talked about or even drawn anymore truly awesome it was simple but damn it brings me joy as a fan of this show and how much I love these characters ❤️
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I like the design of kick


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