I See You

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a great man once said "after 9 years in development it has been worth the wait" and i agree, but for now a moment of silence for everyone who has passed away while waiting for his comic to finish       i think that quote was said by the famous viking "muhammed mao zedong" in 1969
with this amount of buildup they had better fuck till they pass out
goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood just make more comic stop recoloring scenes we have ALREADY SEEN
Hes gonna detroit smash her on the ceiling and not clean it up isn't he

Man i really thought the comment sections would be synced across both sites.

Why so many page have been deleted 
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Hola quieres follar conmigo por llamada  
Please make they fuck in all the ways posible, anal, dp, oral

W comic but this thing has been ongoing for like a year

sketch pages are heating up. too bad they were removed
Pls make pt2
Can't wait for this comic to be finished. It's shaping up to being one of my favorite comics on here.
I'm begging, begging you hoo hoo hoo, please up - date - this or I die of boredom
I LOVE THIS!!! Please make more soon.
part of me is getting "Starco: Between Friends" vibes from this.
ok this is now like 5 months old and still no sex scnene i aint reading this no more
This is impressive I haven't seen quality like this for a long time
Any day now. Just a little more slides and she will be fill of com I just know it 
the page's 72 last panel is super beauty
I don't know what i've watched but i know it's liked me

A shit here we go again. With this comic takes year just end it already uh..

guys latest update we are making real progress people real actual progress.

Omg this is so wholesome yes  
I love it keep up the good work
I kinda want them to get caught by the girls.
This is super cool  
I can't wait until they make more. I love it.
why he delete some pages tf
Lovely. Please complete it. I can't wait.....  
Ayy they finally kissed. Now fuck
very slow updates+ no color anymore kinda lost the interest ngl
It a great original story, hope this had a amazing end.
Bro y’all literally just masturbated in front of each other on a phone call and you’re still gonna act shy?!
Wait wont momo need her phone and laptop back so will she see those messages and video calls!!!???    

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Actually I think Momo used her quirk to make them so i don't know if that answers your question.