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Hilda Pokemon


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inflated butt    

Cramorant rates this a solid 7.5/10. There's a bit of a continuity error as her ass increases in size. The story is ok I guess, nothing special. I have a bit of a bad taste left in my mouth after reading though. All in all it's okay. Not the best not the worst.

her ass straight up doubled in size

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Complaints? I see none
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Can we get a Hilda comic that isn't fucked up please?

Why of all Pokemons that excist, why did they choose this one? Almost as bad as hypno

As fucking weird as this is, there are way fucking worse out there

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Lickitung is good material if you dont want tentacle dicks but still long things that can penetrate but thats just my opinion

I mean, not that I'm a big fan of them, but comically big penises are a thing

My opinion on Pokephilia will always remain... mixed.

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The cover was fine, then from the next page like always it gets ruined by bigger breasts and a huge butt. Well, besides the boring tongue stuff, but that's one me for checking this comic for what I saw on the cover.
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I like anything this guy makes  

I am curious as to what you were expecting? 

A bit harsh IMO, but I respect your opinion yes

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I've got just the emote... Hold on Mr Tyson

cant wait to see it apollyon

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nooooo platinum drip
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No thanks 


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