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Hello There A Star Wars Story


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I usually don't like smurf's but... this hasnt changed shit
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Just this once, Ill allow it
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I mean, this is allowed unless Obi Wan starts to get attached to her ig

Whats your favorite food and why is it macaroni.

If its not macaroni all I can say is you're wrong and you're stupid

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what if i add seasoning to the macaroni, is that heresy?

Have you ever tried the shawarma? Since I've tried it, I knew that Macaroni wasn't all perfect.

But this thing... This thing was.

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Huh, guess I need my glasses because I thought you were naked.

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It just blurred together but yeah now I can see that you indeed have clothes on.

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Well yes, but it is still kinda weird. You are just the female version of wade and even the slightest thought of that gives me chills, because I don't want to imagine him naked.

Wade's physical condition is constantly changing due to some shenanigans, so he doesn't always look like a cancerous cheetah.

They should have named him the leopard instead of the Deadpool. 

 He's covered in spot of exposed muscle 

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Well yes but I can't stop imagining him like he's a scrotum without hair. Ah fuck I killed the mood didn't I?

What mood there was no sexual tension other than that fuck you remarked you want to see her naked 

Nope, I can easily take your mind off of him

And even though I'm his female counterpart, I will always be the more mature one

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Well yes I know I had lessons in bio sociology for Bio chemistry.

Nooooo! You'll get a Disney plus show with  the same writing team as shehulk if you don't 


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