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Gamma Ray Anal Counsel


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good stuff

Imagine if these were real and you could buy them for a price

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Everyone has a price...

All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman,a giant woman!

All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

That must be radiation canceling lube 



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Or perhaps it is a cancer treatment
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yeah same
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Hey fella do you think this powdered piss would allow somebody to fake some anti-doping tests im asking for a friend you know 

yes, that will pass the test, its powdered piss, just hydrate it

i can just say, without this stuff, i would not have been able to pass all the tests i needed to take to rule my kingdom

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Anons should join my cool space cult

I will fucking obliterate you. I will kill you worse than the other mask bitch. No fucking cults.

And we gon party to celebrate that shit right? We gotta have a party to celebrate that shit!

I'm not opposed to it, but who the hell is planning it, and who the fuck is going to show up?

Oh toots, we've got some of the best party planners ever on this site(IF THEY SHOW THE FUCK UP!), I mean your secret weapon hosted a three day fucking party for Venom! And people show up to the shit, lots of em. Usually ends up with drunks, drugs, and fucking, if ya into that sorta shit!

Tomorrow though. We're clear on that if you're actually going to do this shit?

Promise ya, we're clear on that toots! Do me a favour tho and enjoy the party wouldya?

Couldn't help but to see yall's conversation and I'll just say, I'm kinda the best at planning parties, so leave all that good shit to me

Sweet! Now we just gotta get the people to show up tomorrow!

"No fucking cults."

So any cult that isnt centered around fucking is allowed?


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