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FU Bowser!


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forgetting the sexual implication of bowser having sex with bowsette and just go with the possibilty that they're different people. They seem like they could be a pretty cute couple as shown here.

Everyone asking how bowser is fucking himself but never ask why?

Mario told him to go fuck himself after he kidnapped peach again.

So he did.

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god i need more of the male peach
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Hmm i realised what they are arguing about
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[Hours earlier] Mario: "go fuck-a yourself bowser" Bowser: "ok" Mario: "Wait what"

There are only two gender and then there's robots


Bowser's tail looks like a chameleon's tail

this is technically masturbation lel

This is not Gay or Lesbian because technically there are Infinite of Alternatives of Genders and Universes! Use Common Sense Bruh!

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Damn prince peach be looking fine
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I mean, they are technically from different universes, and from all i've seen, the crown creates an alter ego. Anime boy bowser just found the blue crown. they may have started off as the same Prime bowser, but differentiations in the timeline caused one to be a boy and the other a girl. So it is technically having sex with himself, however they themselves are two very different people. they're both Prideful, brash, stubborn, but Bowsette is more seductive. also, are we going to call Anime boy bowser Bowsir? because, you know, Bowsette?
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I love this website, we got some people calling everything gay,racist(this is an example, not something I've seen),etc., then we have the accounts keeping a tiny amount of order, and then this stuff.
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Are you talking about the whole universal theory stuff, or something else? Because I have SO MUCH MORE OF LOCKED UP PORN THEORIES AND IDEAS OF HOW FAN-MADE OBJECTS CAN INTERACT WITH THE SERIES. This is the same guy who wrote the whole thing above.

thi s definably not strght

that a guy fucking a guy portending to be a girl 

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Even if it's gay - eh. :)

It's acutally a girl as a guy fucking a guy as a girl

Actually it's just another form of self sex. This shits masturbation my man!

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Youve officially fucked my head Either I'm high or I don't know what the hell is going on

nah those are two men doesnt matter if they transformed

But tecnically is also two woman at same time, if we are following your logic, it is two man but also two woman and a man and a woman all at the same time

Well, now that I think about it, you're not all wrong, it is gay, but also straight and lesbian

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It's advanced pegging


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