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Enter! Holy Wand Rangers - Attack of Yhe She-Devil Brigade



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I'm surprised this didn't end with a giant robot fucking the person.

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yes but still suprisingly decent and stright forward

This is one of those reads where afterwards you ask "What the hell have I just read?"

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they look like the crewmates from among us
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shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up
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Nah, not enough lolis for them. 
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isnt there like a page under construction for multporn

Cramorant rates this a solid 8.9/10. This made me laugh toward the end. The story was simple and a little interesting. This is one of my favourite [this show but porn] comics. I wish there was a little more to explain why the she-devils are evil though. All in all solid comic.

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When next power rangers i am excited?
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That title is convoluted as fuck

Soul Edge is famished! Anyone who is offering souls or corruption of any sort has a place Soul Edge's Council!

Yes! Soul Edge thanks you for your serv- We sense a great amount of corruption coming from you. How would you like to accompany us in a quest to satiate Soul Edge's hunger for souls?

Excellent. One last question, mortal or immortal?

Perfect! Soul Edge is looking forward to getting acquainted with it's council member. Who doesn't enjoy bonding over taking souls?

Hey uh I'm gonna have to ask for your soul harvesting license to make sure your allowed to take these souls. Let me see it or pay with your collection 


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