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Edd n' Between


I'm feeling that the last page will show the third girl getting fucked by the other two Edd's

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In the last page of the first comic of this, it said that they both move away, edd still miss them  

I see you replicated the formula and made the effects last longer.

If I'm not mistaking he made it last till December, I really don't mind being a female until that time, it's been quite enjoyable so far

Damn, till December?  That's alright, at least we'll pass NNN this time.



Hey, I'm just playing it safe this time.  I failed on the first day last year, I ain't failing again

Pffft, first day? Lmao, I lost in the first 10 minutes, ya know, midnight happens

I didn't during the day, sorry.  My memory got a little fuzzy.  I actually lost on the first five minutes, 12:05.

I wish you all the best of luck, women still get horny, you know that right?

Yes, but women dont "nut" in the same way that men to, so its a compromise.

I'm glad you do. So when are you available as a test subject next?

Honestly, my agenda is pretty empty this week, so, anytime you want

Is that so? In that case how about later on tonight? I'll get Modeus and try some things with her, well him too. 

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you know Edd is the one with the hat right?

Yes, look again.


Now, what do you see? 

Thats right! A hat!!!

No the artist made a comic from the same show but it's different from this one

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I've looked for it, I've yet to find it. Why hasn't anyone made ed, edd n eddy porn called givin' edd?!
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Be the change you wish to see in the world. 
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