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Cheat Beach


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This is a comic
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One of the comics of all time

Solid comic. Totally blueballing but still pretty good 6/10

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No thats what i said! 
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Poor marco

Probably the biggest blueball comic ever, but I'm not even mad since it was so well done. Honestly the dialogue was well thought out and the situations felt natural, and I loved it even if it was only softcore porn


what the fuck, they made a mess, a good drowning in water for a couple of hours should wash them off

Cult man. Still as creepy as always I see. 

thanks for compliment, I haven't seen you in a while,

English classes. 

Now what's been going on Mr Creeps?

not really much, some other fuck with a gas mask and a lab suit, called me his son, thankfully he's dead now

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son, have you learned nothing? Have you never heard the song "God's not dead he's surely alive! He's living on the inside roaring like a lion!"

wow, where'd you get that? off a postcard you found in the dollar store? your words are even cheaper then the rags you wear 

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It's agonizing to admit, but he's referencing lyrics from a shitty Christian rock song. Named "God's Not Dead" of course. 
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while the words are corny, the point still stands. I am inside of you now!

well if that's what you want to believe, I'm not foolish enough to take power from an unknown source, as such I've taken the necessary precautions, I don't feel like assimilating with a dead man, sooner or later i'll find a suitable object to dump you in, and it won't be as flattering as a mask

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You already absorbed my soul after I was crushed! I made sure you took my power! Try it!

heh heh, I KNOW (creates a monolithic statue, one similar to the you got crushed by) and I must say, your power is quite something, dabbling in very exotic magics I assume as a result of constant dimension hopping, which makes it all the more surprising that you chose soul absorption as you choice of inflitration, one that i'm already far too familiar with

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Don't worry, Daddy's got a plan. 


...I absolutely hate myself for saying that.

nonono I don't think you get it! i've absorbed THOUSANDS of souls, and dumped thousands more, making sure to split their consciousness from mine before dumping them back into the outside, your not fused to me, your just a temporary visitor 

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And that's the plan.

(holds up a dagger) oh really? you do realize that you'll lose your power, and any connection you had to it, the moment I transfer you to what I deem to be an adequate object, which in this case would be this dagger?

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Either way, I'll live. I'm not like you, the mask isn't my soul. Think of me like your best friend Zasalamel, I can't die! My soul goes anywhere I will, and if I have the time, I can manifest a vessel out of thin air.

well if your so confident, then lets see that theory tested! (I transfer your consciousness to the dagger, and drop you through a portal into a random part in the universe) teleportation is fast, but it gets real slow if you don't even know where your meant to go, good bye replicant (I close the portal behind you)

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You have my gratitude, foolish son.

well there was solanine, and I managed to hire her for the arena, but I haven't seen her as of the late


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