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Bel - Sunset Succubus


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O.O What the Succubus doing?
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I concur  
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ayo this is porn
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Whoever can explain the difference between a snack and a buffet is a genius.
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Not a genius, but a god
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Need more issues, I love it!
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they married next week  

You know Vulpes was kinda a troll, He burned down Nipton, Crucified the citizens, and then announced the lottery winner.

"I came for a snack, not a whole damn buffet"

Wait didn't she say that she was there for a meal though?

Man, this was some good shit until I realized that continuity error.

Well looks like she has to finish what she started... 

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I don't like the fact that there is a fin at the end of the 10th page. I wanted more :(

Fucking ghouls think the communists own the moon! I just laugh and give them a taste of my blade.

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Would it make her pussy burn if I said prayers while hitting her from the back?

Well you already sined and you are going to hell for it. Also her pusy wouldn't burn, you would need holy water too, i think. I'm not into "demonic" stuff, i just go invisible and watch how my son tries to have dates. Scout is a failure in dating.

Welp.... Where is the trusty rope and chair.....

I just see now, you two pricks are brother rivals HAHA. What a unexpected brainstorm.

Hes the prick here, my Mann just insulted me out of nowhere, and then tried to rub it in on me that I don't have a body.

Fucker wasn't even caught up with the comment section lore.

In which case he would've known my body is with Cerberus.

Ask Cerberus gently to give your body back and then beat this Spy's ass from utopia land. 

There's a alive blue Spy head in the fridge down here since weeks. You must be the imposter! 

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Please make more
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Little did she know that she is the buffet.
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More I say, more more more!

Gaaht Dayuum thats a fine ass demon


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