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Beauty and the Abyss


That's Some Top Quality Ravioli

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Best comic in this website in my opinion finally something good 
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This kind of wholesome is that keeps me not going 100% gay
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Thia comment section genuinely concerns me.
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sitelen ni li pona mute tawa mi. tenpo ni la mi pilin unpa li wile unpa ona a a a. tenpo kama la mi o lon.

Actually good. I just think its a shame that everyone wants to fuck demons. If you even get close to a demon they ruin your life, why fuck one?

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Man this niga that draw it is crazy try to rest

I never beat helltaker without using  playthroughs.

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Came for the story, stayed for the story.
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Imma need more  
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Dude f*** yes

How good is the wifi on Earth? Coming from the gas giant Ondriel

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depends whereabouts you are. out here in the rural area it can be really shitty but in big cities it's amazing. you'd fit right in at New York! or if you want we can send you a starlink cluster
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Usually good, In the Americas its purposely stifled so european areas would be better internet wise 
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For some reason my YT recommended is full of reaction videos.

Idk what I did to deserve this kind of torture but please make it stop

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i recommend watching another type of videos
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sorry bro you gotta click the dont reccomend this channel or make a new yt acc
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No need to go that far. Deleting your YouTube history resets your recommendations. 

Well this isn't that bad but a pretty boring and generic story so I'll give it a 5 out of 10

Good stuff, well-drawn and somewhat wholesome too, but I'm afraid my DOOM instincts are taking over.



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The same day you post something Markiplier brings out a new video.

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Im quite shocked that there is so few comics about this game on the site even though im sure there is a ton of material to be dumped here.

Anyway good job Artist it was nice.

This site can be trash, but it's our trash, and even in trash you can find something valuable

Thats exactly the ideal that keeps me here, even though theres a lot of radioactive shit, we can always find something valuable.

Our? I'm not included in that shit I found zero value on the site

Our as in the trash can, not the inside, you still come here everytime, so you're included in the trash


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