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Oh wow it actually got two new pages thats surprising sence this was leaked early

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Hot so far hope it gets color and wish tye text was easier to read.

This ruined the Atlantis Disney movie for me.

Good comic thought

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I mean you can never go wrong with fred Perry and Booty Doc and to be fair R34 ruins a lot of things.

I must indeed say that this couple looks rather adorable together!

Who is the empty-headed simpleton that decided to leak a Fred comic, knowing good and well that it may lead to him not finishing it?

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Hmmm maybe just maybe it was Fred. I mean just look at the author who posted it. In big bold letters “FRED PERRY”

Please educate yourself before speaking to me on this matter, your ignorance clearly shows. The administrator is the one who finds the comic pages and uploads them, finished or unfinished, leaked or public. Many of the authors and artists have stated that they don't wish for their content to be leaked, but when has that stopped the admins?


To dumb it down for you, Fred Perry didn't post this, the admins did. It doesn't even have color yet you dunce.

Which would you prefer? Passive aggressive or just aggressive?

Well both is pretty shit but I would prefer aggressive so I can atleast return the favor.

Some people are harder to please. I should know... Five of the Nobles from royalty are... What was it Ōji said? "Stuck up, egotistical, greedy bastards." 

I am to those who come at me with a lack of intelligence. But you seem smart, as octopi are said to be.

I agree! The library said that Octopi we're smart, but I didn't think I'd find a typing, talking octo! Truly unique!

Sems is amongst the rare oddities on this site that I actually like and respect.

Whatever about the Demons? At least that lust madam can be rather calm.

They can't be considered rare, or odd for that matter. Reason is that there are so many of them.

Ah yes rare. So then I guess the Crusaders wouldn't be very rare, there's quite a few of them, except only one of them is female.

What about me?

うそつき姫, there's only one exactly like you. So you tell me how rare you are.

プリンセスリーアー? 私は王女であることについて嘘をつきません! 少なくとも私は私の王族を含むものについて嘘をつきません...


私はそうしましたが、私は自分自身を償還しました。 そして彼は最後に私を許しました。 彼は計画を思いつきました。 ポイントは、過去は今は問題ではないということです。 覚えているのはただ痛い...

アドバイスをさせてください。 過去のすべての傷はあなたが強くなることにつながります。 それを覚えておいてください。



励ましてくれてありがとう、私はずっと良く、より自信があります! 今、私は彼の本を手に入れる必要があります。 さようなら今のところ!


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