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Analisis Avanzado


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Fuck you Flug. Thats some top tier pussy that you aint appreciatin, so fuck you.

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His cum looks like glue
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It is glue
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I can't tell if this is a joke
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More pls
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I can't speak homoerotic-taco, only homoerotic-cheese burger. FIX THIS
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I don't speak school shooting, fix your comment
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i don't speak Anonymous language, i only speak pizza pasta mandoline, fix YOUR comment

Idk why but I had a dream once where dr.Flug took off his mask and he was Edd from Ed Edd and Eddy but grow up, and dat shit still makes me confused

Hey mommy, I mean mommy, no I mean mommy, dammit I mean hot momma, fuck I mean hey!

Wade is this going to happen to every female you see nowadays?

Huh, so that's how Vexx feels when I do it,hmmmmm

You know, I have to say youre looking pretty damn fine. Can I take you out?

Thanks but sorry buddy, I already have something marked with Vexx, Gwen, Joker & Modeus, so yeah, sorry I'll be kinda busy

Haven't you already had your fun with Gwen? 

I couldn't have only 1 date with her

At least let me have a fair shot with her! She's cute.

You agreed to go out for ice cream, u forgor?

I think you got me mixed up with someone else, you and Modeus were trying to get me to indulge in your sexual fantasies

It was her's fantasies and c'mon, just an outing for ice cream, please? I promise to not call you mommy this time

Trust me, you don't wanna get involved with me. There's a lot of shit that I have going on


Plus I thought the general opinion of me was that Im an asshole

Trust me, I do want to get involved with you, I also had a bunch of shit going on, and spending time with certain people can help, idk

Plus, I think only Wardens think that, most of what I heard about you is that you're really cool and nice

You dont think Im an ass? You think Im nice? I get into fights all the damn time, are you sure this is road you want to go down?


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