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A Tale of Tails 7: Power Play



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Just because i wear this suit, it doesn't make me a furry i didn't choose it, I DIDNT OK, geez, anyway i mean we cant bag on this comic, its got good story plot, thats more that can be said for other comics that were litterly thrown together. Anyway, your all preverted and were gonna change your hearts -Panther Phantom Theif

I'm not reading 6 other comics, I wouldn't read them even if they were good because i don't have the patience for that. So let's just recommend youtube channels, I'll go first. TheRussianBadger is really funny. He kinda reviews games and shows how they work, often he does it with friends that just make the whole experience better. All in all 9/10 channel.

(I recommend TheRussainBadger, Internet Historian, and Kaif.)

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TheRussianBadger, Max0r, Captain Eggselent, The Dodo, Crunchyroll, Solid jj, Bosnian Ape Society. These are good
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yes TheRussianBadger is a good channel.
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I have a gun. What should I do with it?
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I MESSED UP THREE DAMN TIMES. IN A ROW. FIRST I FORGOT TO SOLVE THE EQUATION, THEN I SOLVED THE EQUATION AND SUBMITTED FUCKING NOTHING (which does still technically mean i commented first, only i commented a lack of comment) AND THEN, AND FUCKING THEN I accidentally closed the window and had to reopen the whole damn thing.
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Thank you, my lady. Your words are kind, and italicized.

Accent! It's a accent! I know it's very unique, but it helps keep my royal image! 

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Oh, worry not, my lady. I understand it's purpose. Unfortunately, my anonimity is the reason for my obvious disregard of the rules of this world. I mean, to be a anonymous traveler is to be without feeling nor memory, without respect or understanding of how you work. I am both beyond and behind these things, for they exist as completely separate rules that do not apply to my kind.

Ah! I am sorry Anon! I know not what that feels like... 

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Of course, I wouldn't expect nor hope for you to. It's more than a little lonely at times, but frankly it is an existence I am... okay with. It's not perfect by any means, but it is still enjoyable to insult someone, let's say Lord Warden (I would never, I respect the hell out of him), and then become the one defending him. It's a unique cycle with benefits and defects, and is downright fucking hilarious at times.

It's just a shame I won't be able to recognize you... But you would make His Majesty, King of Anons proud! Well, I shall be off, I took up enough of your time! Farewell and stay safe Anon!

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Of course my lady. May the Gods shine their divine light upon you through your trek upon this dark world,

I would just like to say that you are a better writer than half of all the writers that I've seen. Of all the stories that I have seen, song, book, or show, i have never seen something i can so closely relate to but thats probably because i have only had this account for a week. I would just like to say congrats on the perfect description of why being an anon is awesome.

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Thank you, Master of Music. Being a traveler has it's benefits, one is being relatively learned in the ways of the pen. Your praise speaks grand volumes, and is of the utmost appreciation to me. May the songs of the world bless you, and let your name be sung as the epithet to strength, valor, and hella rocking music.
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It's fine, at least it was you who got it, Gustaaf. you and a couple others are always good in my book.
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Omg first.

And lest we forget

Standard furry trash

How'd you like that Jock

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no we are both first

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